Saturday, October 25, 2008

Flickr Fun!

So I have my bestie, Rachel, to thank for getting me to use flickr. I have lived in a dark hole of no photography and now I'm inspired. She took unbelievable pictures yesterday of our adventure and I wanted to share.

These pictures are her's. The first of Elise in her tree house and the second of me. She's just captured us in our element, me barefoot swinging serenely and Elise perched above in her tree house. They're so natural and almost nostalgic.

More of her amazing work & my own amateur stuff.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Recently, the weather has been dreary, gray, and cool. I love days like these, perfect to sleep and contemplate. I was thinking about what to post and Pan's Labyrinth popped into my mind because of it's own dark imagery.

It's such a visually captivating movie and I really relate to Ofelia. Though, I've been blessed with a peaceful life, unlike her, I understand how someone can be slowly pulled into their own fantasy world. Her's just happens to be richer, stranger, and very morbid.

I love the costumes of the movie too. The faun-like creature, Pan, seems so very old, like he grew in the first forest, uprooted himself, but is still very feral and not at all human. He's the version of Pan that I choose to believe in, wild but still all-knowing.

This movie is something that will stay with you forever, because of its violence, courage, and strange beauty. If you don't have the stomach for blood, it's not for you, because it is a movie set during wartime. I still get teary eyed when I hear the lullaby, and I think that's exactly what this film was meant to do.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Boots, Socks, Tights, Oh My!

So free people has been layering boots over knee highs over tights. I love the look and I even bought the fishnet floral tights in the picture above. I've been waiting months for fall (in Texas, fall comes in November... at the earliest) so I haven't had a good reason to wear them.

I'm awfully upset about purchasing any boots. I went yesterday to DSW and tried on a whole bunch. It's so difficult to find non-leather boots. The only non-leather boots I found that I liked, had these wedge-like heels, which I honestly wasn't that into... I think I'll have to give Free People my business...

Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Virgins

I stumbled upon my forgotten blog after almost four months and in the second entry I never thought I'd write, I wanted to add the story and movie that inspired my title.

My fascination began two years ago after Christmas. My mom refused to buy me the book, so my best friend bought it for me as a present. Thus, the ethereal blonde sisters floated into my mind and haven't left since.

Which Lisbon Sister Are You?

Cecilia shrouded in white, afloat in a bathtub or draped lazily over her diseased tree... the spark in Lux's eyes. I find myself just as obsessed as the neighborhood boys.