Friday, July 18, 2008

Entry #1

As this is my first entry, I think introductions are in order.

I'm Kerstin, a sixteen year old girl who resides in Texas. I'm rather multifaceted. Possibly, the best word to describe me is sensitive. I've been that way since I was a child. I'm always watching out for others, caring about their emotions. I even get a little upset when I have to kill a mosquito sucking on my blood.

Speaking of animals, two of the most important things in my life are Pepper and Ben. I adopted them both from a shelter and I can't imagine my life before I had them. Ben is my little cuddlebug and Pepper is this high spirited light. I know it's a little strange to consider your pets some of your best friends, but when you're an only child they become like surrogate siblings. I have days where I just want to strangle them because they keep running around knocking things down and then the next day, Pepper and I go on all sorts of adventures and Ben is there to cuddle when I go to sleep.

I'm not a complete animal freak. I do have real friends, I swear! They get me through school. I always find myself bored as hell but when you've got friends like mine, we always seem to find ways to have fun. Whether its Halloween haunted houses or just laughing at the stupidest things.

I do have lots of acquaintances but very few people get to know the real me. My bestestest friend is Elise, who I've known since we were in 1st grade together. I'd like to think we really even each other out. I never have to force myself to tell her anything, it's just easy to share with her. We can be goofy together and we can be serious too. I hate saying I have a best friend because I'm so lucky to have the other great friends I have. I feel blessed to be a part of such a diverse group who all get along with each other and we all feel comfortable enough to just be ourselves.

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