Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Defenders of Anarchy in Schoolgirl Uniforms

So, following my Russell Brand addiction, I searched around for his film, St. Trinian's. Supposedly, it's going to be released in America at some point, but until then, I viewed the whole thing on youtube.

Reviews I read found the humor to be cliche, but I'm easily amused. Plus, who doesn't want to watch a movie about schoolgirls who take things into their own hands? It's the boarding school I always dreamed of going to. I could take a leisurely swim in the fish tank, blow something up, and run wild in the countryside. Maybe not the best education in general, but more varied then any other school could claim.

And I'm in love with the fashion, no matter how stereotypical.

While, I admire something in each character (Kelly because she's cunning & she's charmed Russell Brand, the twins because they're diabolical, Polly for her ball-shaped pigtail things.) Mostly though, I love Chelsea and Celia.

Chelsea, one of three posh totties. I'm so jealous of her blonde waves (I'd have to spend hours curling to attempt that look), her feminine charms and wily ways. Mostly though, I want her wardrobe. Lovely bras, panties, and chemies under school girl uniforms. Pink and pastels with lace and sheer. I want to be a minx too.

And then, my other favorite on the other side of the style scale, Celia. The trustafarian (you'll probably have to look that term up, I did.) I want her blonde locks too, her dreadlocks are amazing. She's always got something tucked in there, bows or crowns. Pattern stockings and combat boots complete the look. Who wouldn't want a sip of her druggie mushroom tea?

If you're looking for an immature laugh and a schoolgirl adventure, the story starts here.

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