Sunday, March 29, 2009


So, my dad has told me on several accounts that we (him and I) have Gypsy blood, also known as Black Dutch (German Gypsy). I find it all rather interesting, because all the stereotypes about Gypsies fit my father and I.

We both hate having to stay put in one place. I think if we had a choice, we could be nomadic. We're both clever, tricksters even. We both know what people want to hear and we both have an excellent skill for catching when someone is lying. I'm have a talent for dancing, which my mom always says can't come from her side because she's got two left fit. I can account for that, she is indeed rather clumsy.

It makes for lovely fantasies as well. Who doesn't want to run away and live off their whims? Who doesn't want to have that kind of freedom?

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