Friday, April 10, 2009

Are we Human or Are we Dancers?

I desperately miss ballet! I go each summer religiously and get back into great shape and improve my technique enormously. Then school rolls around and I'm too tired or sick or bogged down with homework. So, each summer, it's like beginning again.

I've been trying to start stretching in my free time to get my muscles back in shape before I head back for the summer session. Hopefully, I'll have some muscle memory and can jump up a level or two. Is it too much to hope that senior year will be an easy, floaty year and I'll actually be able to have a life outside of school??


Panzer said...

Really gorgeous!

Best wishes.

Jen Nelson said...

I loved the ballet photos. Check out my new blog about ballet:

Anonymous said...

Where did u find these fab photos.? Please let me know!